In reservation window, you can put a lot of different information related to the guests, room allocation, payments, deposits, etc.

In Basic Information section you can put the guest gender, name, last name, email, country and phone number. You can also choose if it's an individual booking or a group one.

In case of a group booking the Basic Information section contains the Group name instead of Gender.

On the right side, you can choose the check in and check out date.

You can also manage the number of nights using the arrows in Nights box.

Besides the Total and Total due information, you will find the status, allocation and payment due information.

If you click the arrow on the status you will see a whole list of statuses you can set up. All of them are manual, except Leaving and Late which are applied automatically by the system if you don't perform check in or check out on time.

Below the status, you will find the allocation information. If it's green and it says Allocated it means that the booking was correctly allocated to beds.

If not, it will be highlighted in orange and it will say Unallocated.

See also: Where I can find unallocated bookings?

Below the Basic Information, you find seven different tabs: Overview, Guest Details, Sales, Deposits, Payments and History.


In the first tab, Overview you can choose the main booking rate and also the main currency.

If you click on the small bed icon, you will be able to see the room overview per guest per night.

In this section, you can also choose different rates for each guest and night (in case you use more than one).

You can also edit the price manually per guest per night. A manually modified price will appear in red.


If you click on the small house icon, you will be able to see the room overview per room type.

If you want to see also the cancelled nights, click on the small eye icon and choose the option you are interested in:

On the right side you will find four buttons: Coupons, Edit Prices (only accommodation), Add Room Type and Auto Allocate.

Coupons button: How to add and use a coupon?

Edit Prices button: How to edit accommodation prices manually?

Add Room Type button allows you to add a room type to an existing or a new booking.


Auto Allocate button: If for some reason the booking is unallocated, you can allocate it with this button. The system will automatically choose the available beds.

Below the mentioned buttons you will see the accommodation total divided into dorms and private rooms:

Below you will find the Reservation note section. See how to add a reservation note?


In the second tab, you can find:

Reservation Details

  • Booking ID: If the booking is manual the system will create its own ID. You can also put your own ID. In case of channel bookings, the system will show the original booking ID sent to us by the channel.

  • Arrival Time

  • Booking Method: In the case of auto channel reservations, the system will choose automatically the booking method. If it's a manual booking you can choose it yourself. 

Where can I find the booking methods list and how to add a new booking method? See here: How to create a new Booking Method

  • Referred By:

What's a referral and Where can I add a new referral?

  • Extra Field 1/2 Name: If you need an extra reservation field you can use this part. You can adjust its name in Property Settings

See: Extra fields in a reservation


Booking Owner Details

  • DOB: Date of birthday

  • ID Type: personal document type

  • ID Number: personal document number

  • ID Expiry Date: personal document expiry date

  • Attach Document: Here you can attach one document per guest.

  • Scan ID: This button will work only if you have integrated a special ID scanner. For more information send a message to

  • Show Credit Card Details: Here you can see the CC details. You can also enter them manually.

  • Invalid Credit Card: This button sends to the information about invalid CC details.


In this tab, you can put each guest details (in case the reservation has more that one person).

You can also change the booking owner. If you do it the details will also change in the previous tab, Reservation details.

See more information here: Booking Owner or Guest

Below you can find the Guest Notes. They can be different for each guest. The Guest Notes, as opposed to Reservation Notes, are NOT visible on quick reservation overview from BedView.


In this section, you will find the list of all sales which were made for this booking, whether they were already paid or if they were assigned with Pay Later option.

See: How to use Point of Sale

You can also return a sold item. See: How to return a sold item?


In this section, you can take and return a deposit.

Returned deposits will be marked in grey colour and the ones which need to be returned, in green.

See: How to take and return deposits?


In this tab, you will see all information related to payments, reservation payments, refunds, POS sales, surcharges. In the table, there is a list of transactions with the information about the date, account, payment itself, guest which paid and the user which took the payment.

There are four buttons on the right sight of the table:

Below, in the Summary, are listed the below details (Net, Tax and Gross values):

  • Accommodation Total (with or without commission), 
  • Accommodation Commission
  • Sales 
  • City Tax

On the right side of the window, you will see the information about 

  • Total Charge - the total value of the reservation
  • Channel Commission - information about channel commission which can be extracted from the balance due or not (How to add channel commission)
  • Received - the amount already paid by the guest
  • Balance Due - the amount left to pay 


In History tab, you will see all changes in the reservation, events such as reservation created, payment taken, bed changes, modified reservations etc.

All changes made automatically by the system (modifications from portals, emails sent automatically, status changes) will be marked with a red circle:

In case of changes made manually by users, you will see who made the change, for example:

When you click on an event in the history, on the right side you will see the details of the change, for example, change of beds:


In this last part, at the bottom of the window, you will see these buttons:

  • Bed Icon - will show you the reservation on Bed View
  • Print button - will create a reservation printout
  • Invoice button - gives a possibility to create a new invoice for this reservation
  • Email button - enables sending emails to guests manually
  • Take Payment - take payment without having to go to Payments tab

On the right side, you can delete the reservation, save it or close it.

In case you have any doubts or questions regarding the Reservation Form, please contact, we'll be happy to help!