Take Payment:

The option Take Payment appears in three places:

  • In Bed View, right click on the reservation:

  • In the Payments tab within the reservation window:

  • In the footer of the reservation, always accessible when you open a reservation:

In all cases, you will see a Take Payment window.
Here you can see its settings: Default Take Payment window

  • Total Due -  the total amount of reservation and the currency of payment (you can change the currency if you want to charge, for example, in USD, not in CLP.)
  • Pay Now - Enter the amount actually given by the client and that you received. If the amount is different than the total due, the system will calculate how much is the change to give in the active currencies you have set up.

Be careful to enter the amount received by client in Pay Now and not in Surcharge

Below also appears the Accounting Date. Here you can choose the date with which the payment is related to. Note that the accounting date can differ from the transaction date, which corresponds to the date the payment was taken. It is also possible to add a description to the transaction.

You can take the payment in different ways. 

1) Cash: If you press Accept Cash button, the transaction will be registered in the default system account.

In the case that you have more than one cash account, you can choose the one to which you wish to register the transaction by pressing the arrow at the end of the button and selecting the account from the drop down menu.

2) Credit card: click on Charge Credit Card button and choose the account that interests you. (same as for cash).

Give Refund:

The Give Refund option appears in the Payments tab within the booking window.

Select a transaction from the list and click on Give Refund button. In this window, you can enter the refund amount, add a description that is mandatory and choose the account from which you want to make the refund.

All transactions will appear in Accounts and Transactions.