Point of Sale opens either from the top ribbon or from the reservation form.

It gives you multiple options:

- sell item anonymously 

- sell item to the particular guest. If we want to sell an item to someone who is our guest by searching his name in POS window, such sale can only be performed to a guest that has CHECKED IN.

- let the guest pay later

Custom item and category colors

You can create custom category colors and set different colors for items background for your POS. 

You will find Edit Categories button in Item Manager. When changing category color, you can use default color palette or HEX color codes.

To set up the background color of a sale item, open the item in Item Manager and choose the color using Select color option. Here you can also use default color palette or custom colors in HEX.

Sell multiple items per consumption date

With the recent update, we added an option to sell items for different consumption dates. When selling breakfasts, you can do that now with just one sale. For that, use Sell multiple per consumption date option. It will allow you to choose the quantity and price of items that will be consumed on different days of the reservation.

Search item

You can use dynamic search in POS to quickly find items from your list. Start typing the item name to filter the list.

Pay Now button

Pay now button have two options now:

  • Click on Pay Now button - the transaction will be registered on the default property account, e.g., Cash Box. It works like the old "Exact Cash" button.
  • Click on the arrow to select a different account where you would like to save the transaction.

Give change (or don't)

If the Pay Now amount is higher than the sale items value, on Pay Now button click you will have an option to give change and register change transaction in different currency.

This modal gives you three options:

  • Sell and give change in the same currency. In this case, the system will show you how much is the change for the received amount. It won't create any change transaction in the system, just the regular sale with the total sale amount.
  • Sell and give change in a different currency. If you select a different currency to give change, the system will calculate the amount to give to the guest and it will create the change transaction in the selected currency.
  • Sell and do not give change. This option allows you to register the transaction value higher than total value of sold items. Total sale remains the same, but you register higher amount paid by guest.

Sell to Staff members

To register sales to staff members, use Sell to Staff button. Select the user who buys selected items and confirm the sale. Note that you can set up different prices for staff members in item settings.

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