If you noticed that the availability on a portal is not correct, different than what you see on Bed View, please see the problems below which can be the cause of the incorrect availability and see how solve the each of them.

PROBLEM 1 - availability in the Calendar is set manually to 0

Availability is  set manually (the numbers are red) and the numbers are incorrect.


Restore automatic availability to match Bed View. See the instruction here: How to restore automatic availability?

PROBLEM 2 - automatic availability in the Calendar is not correct

Automatic availability (black number) is incorrect in the calendar when you see something different on Bed View, for example, availability in the calendar is 0 but you see 3 beds available on Bed View.


- Go to Property Management / Room Manager and open each room from the problematic room type. Go to Beds in use section and check if all beds are marked as active. If not, activate them and save the changes.

- Check bookings which are calculated in that availability. Open Availability and Rate Calendar and right click on the problematic day. Select Show Details option.

Open problematic rooms and check if there is any booking which does not appear on Bed View. Such situation may happen when you change bed numbers in room settings but not directly in the reservation. For more info, see the instruction here:

Open the problematic reservation and unallocate it, it will appear in Unallocated Bookings section (Where to find unallocated bookings). Allocate it to beds again.

- If you can't find the cause of the incorrect availability, please forward the case to support@frontdeskmaster.com, we will check it for you.

PROBLEM 3 - plugin is disabled in the Channel Manager

Open Channel Manager. If the plugin is red but you had the connection activated previously, it means that the synchronization is disabled. 


Activate the connection again, see here how to do it: Disabled plugin, how to activate it?

PROBLEM 4 - room or rate is not mapped in the Channel Manager

All rooms and rates needs to be mapped. Please note that if you leave an unmapped room or rate the system won't control it at all. No price or availability updates will be sent to the channel and the system won't be able to allocate bookings to beds.


Open Channel Manager, select the problematic portal and click on Next button to see the Room Mapping section. Map all the room types. Then click on Next button to see Rate Mapping, make sure that all rates are mapped. Click on Save button to keep the connection active.

See also: Incorrect room mapping issues

PROBLEM 5 - contacted rooms on Booking.com

If you set up contracted rooms in your Booking.com connection, the system will make the given number of rooms or beds available to be sold ONLY at Booking.com. It means that the rooms will not be available on other channels. So if you put e.g. 1 contracted room for 4 Bed Dorm, the system will send less availability to other channels (-1 bed).


Open Channel Manager, select Booking.com plugin and click on Next button to see the Room Mapping section. Check the Contacted rooms column and change the numbers to 0 or erase them if they are set to 1 or higher.  Then click on Next button to go to Rate Mapping and click on Save button to keep the connection active.

PROBLEM 6 - rooms closed on Booking.com

If a room is open in FrontDesk Master, the availability is positive and everything looks correct, yet the room appears as closed in Booking.com Extranet, make an availability changes or price changes test as described here.


If you see that the availability and prices changes correctly but the room is still closed, it means that there is a hard block of the room and channel manager is not able to open it. There are two solutions:

1. We send an information about the issue to Booking.com. When we receive the reply, we come back to you with the information that you need to contact your account manager directly and request opening problematic rooms as it cannot be done by your channel manager. It can take some time, however.  

2. You can disconnect FrontDesk Master from Booking.com in your Extranet, open rooms manually and, after that, activate the connection again. If you decide for this option, let us know about it becase the Booking.com connection request needs to be confirmed on our side and we need to be available to do it for you.

If you checked all the issues described above and the solutions didn't work, please let us know and provide us with the information about problematic rooms, dates and channel so we can check it for you. Thank you!