When you open Channel Manager and see that the plugin is disabled (red color) but it should be active, enable it so the synchronisation can work properly. See the step by step instruction below.

You need to activate the plugin again. To do so:

1. Open Channel Manager and click on the channel that you want to enable. 

Click on the Enable button on the right bottom corner of the window, then confirm the action:

2. Click on Next button to proceed. 

Then, click on the Next button again in next configuration step (Room mapping):

3. In Rates mapping step, click on Save button. It saves and enables the connection.

You will see the connection confirmation view. At this moment, the system starts to download pending reservations (the ones that could not be downloaded when the plugin was disabled)and it sends the one-year global availability and rates update to the portal. 

Please be careful when passing through the Channel Manager. Remember that if for any reason you need to go through the mapping again, you have to get to the end of the process. If you quit the connection in room mapping or rate mapping part, the plugin will be disabled.