Prices synchronization check

To check if the prices are updated properly on the portal, you can change the price on selected day and room in Availability and Rate Calendar:

1. Change the price manually in the Calendar

2. Save the changes.

3. Open your portal's back office or refresh the window if it is already opened and check if the price is updated.

4. Restore season price with right click

5. Check the price update in the back office

Availability synchronization check

Every time there is a new reservation added to the system (manually or it is downloaded from the portals), moved to another room type, cancelled or modified, the system updates the availability automatically in Availability and Rate Calendar. That availability is sent to the portal and the updates are immediately done in the back office.

You can easily check if it works correctly:

1. Create a new reservation in the system and observe how the availability changes in the calendar.

2. Open the portal's back office to see the availability updated on the portal.

This way you can check if the information from FrontDesk Master is send correctly to the portal. If you see that the changes are made correctly, the connection works fine.