Incorrect room mapping may cause many problems with the synchronisation like incorrect prices and availability updates or it can block the updates completely. See the examples below to make sure that your room mapping is correct.

1. Please note that if you leave an unmapped room or rate the system won't control it at all. No price or availability updates will be sent to the channel and the system won't be able to allocate bookings to beds.


The unmapped room types (Bed in 6-Bed Female Dorm and Bed in 8-Bed Dorm) will not be synchronized because of the missing mapping in channel manager:

CORRECT mapping:

2. Room types in the system needs to correspond to room types in the portal

It means, that if you have a Triple Room Shared Bathroom in FrontDesk Master, it must be mapped with the corresponding room type from the portal, so the private room with max occupancy 3. If you map a Triple Room with Double Room, the synchronization will not work properly.

The mapping of 8 Bed Dorm Room with 6 Bed Female Dorm is not correct because the rooms types are different, they do not correspond.

The mapping of Double Room with Single Room is not correct because the number of guests that can stay in the room must be the same.

3. Dorm room cannot be mapped with private room type

Shared dormitories cannot be mapped with private room types. In such a configuration, the synchronization will not work. 

4. Configuration that increase the overbooking chance

The overbooking chance increase when you map one system room type with two or more different room types on the portal. 

The system updates availability per room type, according to the mapping in channel manager. If you map one Double Room Shared Bathroom room type with two rooms from (1 Double Room Shared Bathroom and 2 Double Room Shared Bathroom), the availability will be duplicated. The same availability will be sent to both portal rooms.

Solution: change the room types configuration in the system (split the room type to two separate ones) or in the portal (use only one room type for both rooms, the same way as it is set up in the system). In case of any doubts or questions, contact