The same way as for Booking Engine, you can set different prices for each booking portal. See the step by step instruction below.

STEP 1 - Create a new rate

In Rate Manager, click on Add Rate button, next add a name for the new rate, for example,, Hostelworld, etc. (to easily remember where the prices will be sent to) and save it.

In this step, you can link the rate to another rate to adjust prices automatically (in this case, go straight to step 3 because prices will be already set). See here: How to link Rates

STEP 2 - Set up prices

When the new rate is created, set up prices that you want the system to send to the selected portal. 

Go to Prices and insert the prices for the new rate.

STEP 3 - Map the rate in Channel Manager

When the rate is added in the system and the prices are set, it's time to connect the rate in Channel Manager so that the system can synchronize prices, availability, restrictions and download bookings correctly.

Note that if a room or rate is unmapped, the system will not update it on the portal.

1. Open Channel Manager and select the portal, for example, where we want to use rate. Click on Next button in order to see the Room Mapping.

2. Check if the rooms are mapped correctly. If so, click on Next button in order to map the new rate.

3. Connect the new rate ( with the portal's rate. Just click on the line to select one of your rates. 

Click on Save button in order to save the connection and send the synchronization to the portal.

The prices of the new rate should be updated in the portal's back office within few minutes.


The newly created rate will be updated automatically on the portal's back office. 

You can create a separate rate for each channel and manage the prices per portal.

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