The prices can be adjusted in many ways in the system. For the basic price options, go to Property Management / Prices:

Set up the prices for each room type in the table and click on Save or Save and Close button.

You will see the prices in Availability and Rate Calendar and in Bed View.

The prices can be adjusted also by:


Do not confuse RATES and PRICES!

A rate is a whole different set of prices for different purposes. You can use rates to send different prices to different portals. For example:

- Standard Rate

- Non-Refundable Rate

- Rate

Rates can be linked which means that the prices of child-rates will be adjusted automatically every time you change the price in the basic, mother-rate. 

You can see all rates in Prices as separate columns, with separate prices:


In Prices, you can set different prices for each season, for example, for High Season, Low Season, Carnaval (you can select which days should be assigned to the season). 

Seasons appear in the first column on the table. 

Low or High Week Days 

Decide which days are High and which are Low during the week. It gives you a possibility to set different prices, for example, for weekends. High and Low weekdays can be adjusted for each rate separately and there will be visible on the table as LD (Low Week Days) and HD (High Week Days):

Occupancy Prices

You can set different prices according to the number of people in a private room. For example, different prices for one, two and three guests in case of a Triple Room.

Price Strategies

FrontDesk Master lets you create price strategies which automatically adjust prices in the system, depending on room type's availability, season or number of days before arrival. You can create, for example, Last Minute strategy or Early Booker. The prices will be adjusted automatically according to the configuration you choose.

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