Occupancy prices can be set for private rooms in Prices and in Availability & Rate Calendar. You can set different prices according to the number of people. For example different prices for one, two and three guests in case of a Triple Room.

In Prices or Availability & Rate Calendar, you can click on Show prices per occupancy checkbox to show an option for other occupancies:


These prices will be sent to Expedia and used directly in FrontDesk Master.

Unfortunately, Booking.com does not let the system update prices per occupancy. Booking.com can calculate prices for other occupancies basing on the rate for max occupancy (in order to enable this option, contact your account manager directly).

Another solution is to use occupancy rates in Booking.com which can be connected with rates from the system. This will let you manage occupancy prices on Booking.com from FrontDesk Master, an example:


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If you have any doubts or questions regarding occupancy prices, please contact support@frontdeksmaster.com, we will be happy to help you!