In Rates, you can create and edit multiple rates.

Do not confuse RATES and PRICES!
A rate is a whole different set of prices for different purposes. Is the option to have different prices for the same day. For example:
- Standard Rate
- Non-Refundable Rate

To add a new rate, go to MANAGER / Rates and click on Add rate button:


In Edit Rate window:

1. Enter the name of the rate and decide if the rate is active and if you want to use it as the default rate.

2. High Weekdays is an option that allows you to have two different prices in a week. Choose as High Weekdays the days you would like to set a different price, for example, Fridays and Saturdays. Here you can find more information about High Weekdays: How to set High and Low Weekdays 

3. The new rate can be derived from another rate. The price of this new rate will then be linked to the Parent Rate under a rule. For example, the Breakfast Rate will be $10 more expensive than Standard Rate:

Here you can find more information about derived rates: How to link Rates

4. You can adjust the rate configuration for Booking Engine, but adding descriptions, photos and extra information. See the instructions here: Booking Engine Rates


To set up prices for your new, non-derived rate, please open Prices (you can find it in Manager) and add new prices there.