In Property Management / Rates double click on the rate you want to use on the booking engine and click on ENABLE:

Go to Property Settings \ Booking Engine \ Payment & Rates. Select which rates should be visible on Booking Engine and click on pen icon in order to put more infrmation about this specific rate:

The same as for the Room Types you can set up multilingual description for your rates. If any field, in any language will be left blank Engine will show English version of it.

You can decide here what name user should see on booking engine.


Checkbox - here you can decide if the given rate is Non-refundable. If a guest will book using a non-refundable rate and cancel his stay, he still will be charged.

Here you can list main features of the given rate, e.g if breakfast is included, or if it allows free cancellation.

Description - in this field you can put a longer text describing the given rate. Text input menu doesn’t provide you with many functions, but you can copy text from somewhere else and paste it here. Our system should keep the proper formatting.

If you paste the text longer than a limit system will accept it and even let you save it, but it will be impossible to edit it.

Photo - you can add a photo which will be visible on Rate description. System will automatically resize it to 475x263 px.