Please first make sure you are logged it to the Airbnb account you want to connect.

IMPORTANT: Please note that co-hostel listings cannot be managed by the channel manager. The connected account has to be the main listing account.

IMPORTANT: If you have Instant Book disabled, it will be enabled automatically when connecting channel manager. You can disable it again after connecting channel manager.

Go to ACCOUNT / GO TO PROFILE and copy your ID from the address line in your browser.

In FrontDesk Master open MANAGER / CHANNEL MANAGER and chosse the second AirBnB plugin and click on ENABLE NOW.

Paste the copied ID into the ID field and click on AUTHORIZE.

You will be taken to AirBnB account where you will need to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Once the access is granted, chose the additional options you want and click Next in the plugin:

After that you will see the list of your listings and you will be able to map them.

a) Map the system room types with their AirBnB corresponding listings.

b) Choose LIMITED sync option for each of them.

c) Make sure to mark each listing as PUBLISHED. If not, they won't appear online correctly.

More information about the extra options (Price settings and Availailability settings) you can find in this article: How to manage my extra fees and other extra options on Airbnb?

Once the mapping is ready click NEXT.

Choose the currency you will send the prices in, the system rate and click SAVE.

Check if all the prices and the availalability are correct in the AirBnB backoffice. In case of any issues feel free to contact