If you have enabled the XML AirBnB connection with FrontDesk Master, you can manage your extra fees and availability options directly from the system.

In order to do that you need to go to Manager > Channel Manager and choose the second AirBnB plugin*.

*If the plugin is already connected, it will have green color, but if you would like to enable it for the first time, please read this article in order to see how to do that: How to enable Airbnb XML in FrontDesk Master

Each listing will have two extra options:

1. Pricing settings: In this section you can set up your general daily and weekend price and also all kind of extra fees (cleaning fee, pet fee and more).

Once you put the values you want, click on UPDATE PRICING button to save them.

2. Availability settings:  In this section you can set up extra availability options (maximum or minimum advance booking and others).

Click on UPDATE SETTINGS to save them.

At the end it is very important to save the plugin again by click NEXT 

and then SAVE.


1. Don't forget to check if the changes are correctly reflected on AirBnB backoffice.

2. We recommend setting up the min. stay directly from PRICE calendar in FrontDesk Master instead of availability extra settings. The system restriction will overwrite it anyway.