In order to create a room go to the Property Management / Room Manager. First, create the room types (the way how the rooms are sold) and then physical rooms that you have in the property assigning the room types to them.

I. Create room types

Click on Add Room Type button and select the room type specifications:

Room Class - Private room types (Double, Triple, Family, ...) or dorms (Mixed, Male or Female)

Number of guests

Bathroom - Shared or Ensuite



Default price - it will apply automatically to Prices

for example, Standard 4 Bed Mixed Dorm Shared Bathroom.

Next, Save and Close it.

II. Create physical rooms

Click on Add Room button and set the basic room information:


Number of Beds (you can change the beds' types, see here)

Room Type - click on Add Room Type button and select the correct room type from the list - the way how the room should be sold.

Then, Save and Close the window.

You can assign multiple rooms to one room type, for example, 3 physical rooms, sold as 4 Bed Mixed Dorms:

The rooms will be visible for you on Bed View:

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