In order to create a Dorm Room please go to Property Management, Room Manager.

There you can set up your ROOM TYPES and physical ROOM UNITS available on your property.

In order to create a Dorm Room:

1. Create a ROOM TYPE you offer on booking portals and website booking engine. 

  • Click Add Room Type button.

  • You will see the Edit Room Type window. First, select a Room Class (Mixed Dorm, Female Dorm or Male Dorm).

  • Select Number of guests which can sleep in the dorm and if the room is Ensuite or has a Shared Bathroom.

  • You can also select a Prefix and Description if you would like to distinguish the room type. You can  put your own text there if you wish.

  • Finally, enter a Default price per bed for this room type and click SAVE AND CLOSE.

2. Now, create ROOM UNITS for which belong to the ROOM TYPE

  • In Room Manager click on Add Room button.

  • You will see the Create New Room window. For each ROOM enter the Name you commonly use in the property, e.g. Room 1 or Room A.1 or Room 103.

  • Set the Number of beds there are in the room, for example, four Single beds or two Double Bunk beds (you can also choose the lower and the upper bed):

  • The most important! Assign the ROOM TYPE for which this ROOM belongs. It means that this Room will be offered to clients as the room type selected by you. Click on Add Room Type button and choose the ROOM TYPE, then click Ok

  • Click SAVE AND CLOSE to add the room.

3. Now you can see this room on Bed View: