If you want to change a room type in all rooms assigned to this room type, please see this instruction: Changing name and specification of an existing room type 

If you have two or more rooms with a selected room type and you want to change it in one room only (or few rooms, not all), please follow the instruction and example below.

I have two rooms with room type Deluxe Double Room Ensuite with Balcony and I want to change one of them (room A) to Twin Room Ensuite.


First, I need to create a new room type, Twin Room Ensuite, and set up prices for this room type. I can create a new room type in the Room Manager, and then set up prices in the Prices.


After that, I can add the new room type to the room I want to change, so I add it to room A.

I open room A in Room Manager and I add Twin Room Ensuite:

After that, I have two room types assigned to room A and it is visible also on Bed View.


Now, I need to remove old room type, Deluxe Double Room Ensuite with Balcony. I can't simply remove it from the room A in Room Manager, the system will not let me do it because there are reservations assigned to this room type.

To remove it correctly, it is necessary to change the room type to the new one in all future reservations

I need to open all future reservations and change the reservation room type, here:


Another way is to move all future reservation to other rooms.


When all future reservations have correct, new room type assigned, I can go back to room A settings in Room Manager and set the old room type availability end date to today or yesterday:

I save the changes in room settings. 


When I open the Bed View again, room A has only one room type, Twin Room Ensuite, and all future reservations are assigned to this room type.

In case you need any help with these settings, please contact us at support@frontdeskmaster.com.