FrontDesk Master lets you set one physical room with more than one room type. It means that if you sell your 4 Bed Mixed Dorm also as a Quadruple Room, it is possible to set this in FrontDesk Master.

You can add room types to selected rooms in Room Manager, in room settings, for example:

Both room types are visible also on Bed View:

If I create a reservation for 4 Bed Mixed Dorm for today, Quadruple Room Ensuite will be no longer available because the room is already occupied by reservation assigned to 4 Bed Mixed Dorm. The availability of 4 Bed Mixed Dorm will be 3 and of Quadruple Room 0.

This configuration works great in case of reservations created manually or made on Booking Engine, also if you sell the room under different room types on different portals. For example, 4 Bed Mixed Dorm in Hostelworld and Quadruple Room in


However, please note, that when you sell both room types on one portal, the system sends availability per room type, not per room. In the case described above, if the room is empty, the availability will be 4 in 4 Bed Mixed Dorm and 1 in Quadruple Room and both values will be sent to portals. It can cause a problem when there is only one room available but guest books 4 Bed Mixed Dorm and Quadruple Room at the same time (which is rare but possible). 

The system works as it is supposed to but by selling one room under multiple room types you are showing to the world that you have more rooms than you really have, it creates a risk of overbooking. You need to determine how much risk you want to take and limit it by setting this up only in one room for example or in a very low season, or setting up higher prices in "additional" room types. and other portals do not offer any solution for that to us or other providers.


Please note that these solutions only work in case you want to sell private room types under different occupancy. In case you want to sell one room under multiple room types in the same channel, there's still that small chance of overbooking, as mentioned above.

On and Expedia you can sell one room under multiple occupancy options.

If you have a Quadruple Room which can be sold also as Triple Room and Double Room, you can enable occupancy prices in, this way the system sends the maximum quadruple price and the price for three and two people is calculated based on the price we sent. Having it set up this way there is no risk of overbooking for the same room. They will appear in this case as quadruple but with the possibility to sell them cheaper for less number of people.

The issue is to set up the pricing like in the example below:


Another possibility, if you want to control the prices per each occupancy, is to set separate rates with specific occupancy prices. These prices can be controlled from FrontDesk Master using rates, for example:


In case you have any doubts or questions or need help with room types configuration, please contact us at, we will be happy to help you.