FrontDesk Master lets you set up multiple email templates which can be automatically sent to guests based on pre-defined rules.

In order to set up automatic emails for your property, please go to Property Management / Email & Printouts

There, on the left side of the screen, you can see the list of your existing templates.

In order to set up a new email template:


Step 1

Click on Add button, then name your new template:

Step 2

Enter the email subject:

Step 3

Create the content of your new template. In order to do it, please click on Edit Template button:

When you create the template you can use the Keys that you can see on the right side of the window. The keys will be replaced by the information from the reservation while sending the email.

The content can be HTML or plain text:

You can also edit the default Booking Confirmation template. Select it from the list and click on Edit Template button in order to add, e.g. your logo.

Scheduling  - decide when the email should be sent

Step 1
When you already have a template created, go to Scheduling part. First, make sure that the Use template as email checkbox is selected - this way the system knows that the template will work as an email.

Step 2

Decide when the email should be sent. Click on Add button to create a new rule.

If you select WHEN you determine with which action in the system the email should be sent, for example WHEN the RESERVATION ADDED for BOOKING.COM reservations, for ALL NATIONALITIES and for ALL ROOMS:

You can also select to have emails sent sometime BEFORE or AFTER guest's ARRIVAL or DEPARTURE, for example, two days before the arrival for all reservations:

or 5 days after Check-out for all reservations form Hostelworld:

Step 3

Remember to Save all changes! Also, make sure that the template is activated here:

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