FrontDesk Master can send multiple emails automatically to your guests according to settings in Email & Printouts. Please note that the emails will not be sent if there is no Scheduling set for the template.

To set up emails scheduling, go to Property Management / Email & Printouts. Select the template and open Scheduling tab, where you can decide when the email will be sent to guests.

Click on Add button to create a new condition. 

In the table, you can choose various settings which will tell the system when the email should be sent to the guest.

For example:

According to the first line, the system will send the email when you receive or create a booking from Booking Engine.

In the second line, the system will send the email 2 days before check-in date for bookings from Airbnb in Room 1 when the guest is from Argentina.

In the third condition, the system will send the email 3 months after reservation check-out date.