Printout can be generated for each guest/reservation in FrontDesk Master. You can set them up under Manager / Email & Printouts.

1. Create a template

You can create a new template or edit the default Reservation Printout:

2. Printout Settings

Go to Scheduling part and select the option to Use template as printout:

There are 3 more options you can use:

  • Generate printout per each guest - if you select this option, the printout will be created for each guest from the reservation. If you leave the box not checked, the printout will be generated per reservation.
  • Fit one guest per page - printout for each guest printed on a separate page (3 guests = 3 pages to print).
  • Auto generate serial number - the serial number of printout will be generated automatically starting from number entered in the field.

3. Activate it and Save the changes!

You can generate a printout from the Reservation Form clicking on Print button: