Guest list report allows you to extract the list of all guests who have arrives within the selected period.

It has also an option which generates official migration reports for the following countries:

Portugal (SEF) - How to generate SEF report for Portugal?

Spain (DGP) - How to generate DGP Report for Spain?

Spain, Catalunya (MOSSOS)

Czech Republic (Czech Police Report)

If there is any official report you need to sumbit to police in your country and it's not on this list, please contact us to

On the left side of the report you will find three sections:

1) Summary - It will show you the total number of reservations and guests.

2) Options - There you can find some extra checkboxes. You can decide if you want to:

a) show only booking owners - What is the difference between a “Booking Owner” and a “Guest” once they are checked in? Please note that if this box in unchecked and there is more than one guest in the reservations, each guest will appear in a separate line in the report.

b) include guests from cancelled reservations

c) include guests from no show reservations

d) hide bookers (the ones who booked for someone else, but are not guests)

3) Columns with specific guest/booking data - Here you can choose which data you want to appear in the report.

Please note that the information for Extra Field 1 and Extra Field 2 is taken from this place in the reservation form:

After generating the report the guest data will appear this way and the whole list can be exported to CSV format and opened in Excel:

If you double click on the guest, the system will open this specific booking so that you can enter the details in case some of them are missing.