In order to generate the SEF report first, you need to put the necessary details in the system.

Open Property Settings / General / Company Details


In Company Details put the necessary report information as:

Property Name



Postal Code

Vat Number

Property Number (If you have only one property, it should be number 1. If you have more than one, put the corresponding number. It should be possible to check that in the SEF intranet).

Post Area

If you put e.g. number 10 in the last field, Sef Report Serial Number, the system will generate the next report with the number 11.

The contact person details necessary in the report must be taken from Property Settings / General / Property Details / Contact Details (for FrontDesk Master user only)

In order to generate the report go to Reports / Guest Police Report and there you will find SEF Report button.

* The Portuguese Guests are hidden (default option)

* The system will show with pink colour the guest who have no all necessary details

* The system will export only the checked guests

Please make sure to turn off the pop up windows blocking so that the report can be donwnloaded correctly.