If you have any problem you can contact us in different ways:

A) support@frontdeskmaster.com

B) During the weekends we are available for urgent cases only on urgent@frontdeskmaster.com

C) Skype: frontdeskmaster

D) Phone: 0044 (0) 20 8123 8505

E) On chat here: https://help.frontdeskmaster.com/en/support/home

F) Support button in the system.

When you use the SUPPORT button option please make sure that you are putting the property/your email in REQUESTER (1) field, NOT the support address. It is a common error.

(2) Subject - Make sure that the subject reflects correctly the essence of the problem.

Here you can see some examples of CORRECT subjects:

- Overbooking(s) from Booking.com

- BedView doesn't load

- Can't take payment from right click drop down menu

- Can't generate the invoice

- Can't open the reservation 32343546

- Reservation came with incorrect price

- Incorrect availability in 6 Bed Dorm on the Booking Engine / HostelWorld

- Can't load Occupancy Report

- Reservation entered for incorrect number of days despite the min. stay restriction

Here you can see some examples of INCORRECT subjects:

- URGENT!!!!!! URGENT!!!!! URGENT!!!!!

- (Property name)

- Help / Problem

(3) Problem description - Put the description of the problem. This part is very important. Please make sure to provide us with all the necessary information.

Here some sample questions which can help you:

- Which channel is the problematic one?

- Which dates/rooms/reservations are the problematic ones? Please put a specific example of the problem if it's possible.

- Which available option you use(d) to take payment/ take deposit/return deposit?

- Does it work well if you do the same using another available option?

- Does the problem appear for all the users or any specific user?

- Do you see any specific error? Please attach a print screen or make a short video. You can use this free software: https://www.techsmith.com/download/jing/ 

- Is this the first time you are facing this issue or it appeared before?

- Are there any specific actions you have to perform in order to reproduce the problem?

(4) Attached files - You can attach a file or make a print screen directly from the Support button.

(5) Priority - Choose the priority of the problem.

(6) Send feedback - Send the message.