We have released an entirely new Housekeeping module. It allows viewing:

  • beds to be cleaned today
  • beds ready to be cleaned
  • beds to be cleaned once the guest checks-out

You will find the Housekeeping part in Guests & Reservations tab on the left side of the screen. Click on the little arrow to expand it and then select Housekeeping.

First, you will see the list of all your rooms and beds. Each color shows different bed status:

To Clean - beds that are empty and ready to be cleaned

To clean after Check-Out - the check-out date is today and 

Cleaned today - beds marked today as cleaned

Cleaned earlier

Below you will see the total number of beds to clean and a table with the information per room and per bed. 

How to mark a bed as clean/dirty?

To mark beds as clean, simply select the beds from the list and click on the button Mark Clean:

Beds will turn green and the number of beds to clean today will change accordingly.

The same way you can mark beds as dirty in order to update that information in the system. Select the beds and click on the arrow to show option Mark Dirty:

You can start using the Housekeeping module by marking beds are dirty or clean, after that their state will be changed to dirty after each guest's check-out.

On the rooms and beds list, you will also see additional information about the guests and reservations which will be automatically updated according to Bed View. The letters before guests names mean:

S - the person who stays on the bed

A - arrival, the bed was empty and TODAY there is an arrival

D - departure, there is a person on the bed which check-outs today

D / A- when there is a departure and an arrival today

The information in Housekeeping should correspond to what you can see Bed View. 

You can import the list of beds to clean to Excel or to a .pdf file and sort beds to see only the ones which are ready for cleaning.

You will see three filters: All beds, Dirty Beds and Dirty + Arrivals.

All beds - All beds will appear on the list.

Dirty Beds - The dirty beds (red) and the beds called to Clean after check out (yellow) will appear on the list.

Dirty + Arrivals - The beds which were marked as dirty and which have a guest arriving today will appear on the list.

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