FrontDesk Master safely stores all credit card details received with bookings from, Expedia and FrontDesk Master Booking Engine. Authorized staff members (See How to set up credit card details access permission) can find each credit card details in Reservation Details section of the booking.

You can use the details to charge the guest using your reception terminal or (See here: Can I accept phone orders or manually enter my customers' payment information into Stripe? )

All the No Show bookings appear in Reservation View / No Show tab:

Double click on a booking in order to open it and choose one of three buttons which allow you to Take Payment:

You will see a Take Payment window. You take payment in two ways in this case:

a) Put the necessary amount in Pay Now line and choose the correct payment method.

b) Click on Switch to Take Payment & Invoice Window, check Show Cancelled box, check the nights you want to charge the guest for and choose the payment method.

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