You can pay your license in 3 ways, at your convenience:

a) Stripe (credit card)

b) PayPal

c) Bank transfer

Each invoice is sent to your email address. If you cannot find it please check the spam carpet. In case of any problem please contact us to

STRIPE (Credit card)

You can pay your invoice by clicking on PAY NOW buttin directly in the email message you received.

Also when a new invoice appears you will see a special notification in your system. You can click on it and a popup will appear. There you will find the invoice link.

Click on it and you will be taken to the invoice where you will find the button PAY NOW.

Fill in the form and click on MAKE PAYMENT button.


You can pay with PayPay. The account is:

Bank Transfer

You can find the bank account and details on your invoice, here (bottom left corner).

If you decide to use this payment option, please provide us with the payment confirmation. Please send it to