Reservation notes

To add a reservation note:

a) Go to Notes tab in the reservation form and click on Add Note button. Start writing the note in the text field.

Notes will be saved automatically when you unclick the note.

> First line of your note will serve as a note header - you can use it to add title to the note.

> See at the top of the note the details about creation date and user and modification details.

> Select note from the list of the left side and click on Delete note button to delete it.

b) Open Reservation Notes section at the bottom of the reservation and click on Add Note button.

> This section will open automatically whenever there is a note in the reservation.

> Clicking on Add Note button will add a new empty line to the list of notes. Simply click on the empty line and start writing to add the note.

> Double click on the note to edit it.

> Click on trash can incon to delete the note.

You can check the reservation notes preview in the reservation tooltip when you move the mouse over the reservation on Bed View:

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