In order to set up sale items go to Manager / Item Manager.

Create Item Categories

First, create your sale item categories. Go to Sales tab and click on Item Categories button:

There, you can add categories to your sale items. In the next step, you will be able to create and assign products to a selected category and they will appear in your Point of Sale.

When changing category color, you can use default color palette or HEX color codes.

Create Sale Items

Click on Add Item and set the Item name:

Next, choose the Item Category:

Choose the main color for the item and then select the default account for item sales and enter item price. You can enter the price in each of the supported currencies separately or, if you set the price in one currency only, it will be converted automatically to other currencies. You can also set up different Price for Staff Members:

Next, choose extra options you would like to apply:

- Track Inventory: control Item inventory

- Count during Shift Switch

- Active for Booking Engine: you can read more about it here: How to add extras and sale items in Booking Engine

Save and Close your new sale item.

If you decided to track inventory go to Manager / Item Inventory and select the newly created item. Click on Adjust in order to add the Inventory Count: