To create a rate which includes a breakfast item, first, make sure that the item is created in the system and available in POS.

> See how to create POS items 

Go to Manager / Rates / Rate plans.

Open an existing rate or create a new one by clicking the Add Rate button.

In Edit Rate view, add the rate name, choose cancellation policy and mark the Includes breakfast checkbox.

There, select the item which is included in the rate, choose how it should be added to the reservation and confirm the cost. The item price is the same as set up in the item configuration in Item Manager.

Save the changes.

Once the rate is saved, the system will automatically create the sale item in all new reservations made for that rate, and it will calculate the accommodation cost accordingly.

For example, when we create a booking for a room which costs $100 and rate that includes breakfast for $10 per person per night, the system will adjust the accommodation price to $80 and create two breakfasts for $20:

When reservation or nights are cancelled, the system will cancel the added breakfast items automatically, and it will apply the cancellation cost according to the rate cancellation policy. If the night is non-refundable, then the cancellation fee will include the total cost of the night, including the breakfast cost.