FrontDesk Master offers a module for issuing invoices. It lets you generate adjustable invoices for your reservations. In this manual, you will see how to create an invoice in the system.

> Check invoice settings options

To issue an invoice, open the reservation and click on the Create invoice button:

It will open the New invoice window which we can split into 3 main sections:

1. Guest details

Here you can add extra guest details, which weren't added before to the invoice.

2. Invoice details

Here you can choose the invoice series which defines the auto numeration of the invoices, adjust the Invoice Date, Purchase Date and Due Date.

3. Invoice content

This part defines what is displayed on the invoice printout. By default, it will display one line - Accommodation, and another one for extra sales - Sales.

> You can edit the description and amounts on the invoice

> You can add extra lines in the table to add other items, not added to reservation before

> In Accommodation Total and Sales Total dropdowns, you can switch the view to display the details of each product

If you scroll down, you can connect the invoice with a specific payment so it's displayed in the reservation, in the Payments tab in the payments table.

To issue the invoice, click on the Save and Print button or click on the arrow to choose other options, for example, just Save.

You can find the saved invoice in All issued invoices under More, here: