Importing guest details is a great solution for larger, group bookings. Instead of adding all guest details manually, one by one, you can prepare a simple spreadsheet (or even ask the group owner to fill it out for you) and import guest details to the system with just a few clicks.

First, create a reservation with the correct number of guests / bednights. You can check here instructions for creating group bookings in FrontDesk Master.

Next, navigate to the Guest Details tab in the booking and export the list of guests. There are two options for the export:

- standard export of only guest details

- export with guest allocation details which allows guests to assign themselves to rooms

Open the exported file in Excel or Google Sheets and add guest details there. You can also send the file to the reservation owner and ask them to fill out the guest list.

> You can decide which fields of guest details appear in the exported file by adjusting the settings in Property Settings / Reservation Settings. You can find this option as 'Guest fields for export'. 

Once the file is ready, make sure you export it back to CSV format and open the reservation and Guest Details tab again.

Click on the Import guests button.

Next, choose the file to import and click on the Load guests button. Then, the system will generate a preview of the imported data, so you can check if all details are applied correctly.

Finally, Save and Close the window to save the changes to the reservation and apply the guest details changes. You will see the loaded guest details filled out in the reservation form.