Before starting the process make sure that no adblockers are enabled (and if you use brave browser, to disable the native adblocker) 

Did you know that you can track your Booking Engine conversions on Google Analytics! Please see how to set it up step by step.

1. Configure Google Analytics


a) Create an account (if required)


b) Create property


c) Create data stream

d) Copy Measurement ID for Google Tag Manager



2. Configure Google Tag Manager

a) Create a container and configure FDM BE according to #1 - #4 here

b) Create variables

item - ecommerce.transaction_id

value - ecommerce.value

currency - ecommerce.currency

items - ecommerce.items

coupon -



Repeat these steps for all the variables.


c) Create TAG

Select “Google Analytics GA4 Event”:

Insert “Measurement ID” copied from Google Analytics (see 1.d )




Repeat for all events.




3. Testing if everything works

Using Google Tag Assistant

4. View this on Google Analytics