Before starting the process make sure that no adblockers are enabled (and if you use brave browser, to disable the native adblocker) 

1. Log-in to Google account which you will use to track customers behavior.

2. Go to the Tag Manager page ( and create an account:

3. Click here to get the codes:

4. Copy codes to Google Tag section in Property Settings / Booking Engine:

5. Now check if GTM was connected to the engine page correctly. Click the “Preview” button

and go to your engine page. If GTM was connected properly you will see the window of the GTM Debug Mode:

Video with sound:

6. Go back to GTM, click “Tags” and “New”:

7. Enter the tag name, select Tag Type and Tracing Type. I select Universal Google Analytics, Page View because this tag’s purpose will be tracking the number of people visiting the engine's page. If property wants to track some other data as well they should get familiar with materials provided by Google about tag types and their capabilities.

For “Google Analytics Settings” I select option “New Variable”:

8. Now we must get the Tracking ID from Google Analytics. In order to find it we must go to Google Analytics page: Google Analytics

9. Create an account:

10. Create a property: 

You must add this address while creating this account: 

11. Go to Admin / Property / Tracking Info / Tracking code and copy this snippet:

12. Next - go back to the Google Tag Manager and paste it here  and save it:

13. Then you must set a trigger - click here and select All Pages  and save tag settings.

14. Go back to GTM again, enable preview mode and check if newly created tag is visible in the Debug Window.