Referrals report shows how many bookings are assiged to each referral set up in the system. You can see how to create referrals here: Referrals

You will see the following options and filters:

1) Show by Check-in date, check-out date, booking date

2) Star/End date - Choose which dates you want to see the results for.

3) Choose which referrals you want to see the results for.

4) You can compare the selected period with the data from 1 or 2 years before.

5) You can export the report to CSV and open it in Excel.

First you will see the list and the total number of used referrals and also a pie chart with graphic representation of the mentioned numbers.

Below you will also see a bar chart.

If you change the bar view to a stack column by clicking on Set Stacked button.

Then you will see a table with a summary per refferal per month.

And at the end a summary table will appear with additional information about bednights and revenue.