Extras & Sale items repot shows the summary of all sales made through Point of Sale (directly or in the reservation form).

You will see the following options and filters:

1) Sales (Sale items) - You can choose the categories or items you want to see the results for.

2) You can generate the report by Sale Date or Consumption Date.

3) Choose the start and end date you want to generate the report for.

4) You can see the results Per day, month or year.

5) If you use more than once currency you can decide which of them you want to generate the report in.

6) You can decide if you want to see the results for the sales made directly in Point of Sale (without any guest account conencted)

 or through reservation form (guest account connected).

7) You can see the results grouped by date, sale item, property (in case you have acced to more than one), category or user.

8) If you click on Colpase button, the system will hide de sale details and will show only the totals:

9) On the right side you will see the summary of all sales per sale item. Please note that the graphic below the summary shows depends on the option from the point 7:

10) You can export the report to CSV file and open it in Excel.