In order to check if the online check-in option is working correctly please follow these steps:

1) Make sure that your email template contains the necessary key which makes that the guest receives a unique link which will allow him to perform the online check in. Please see here how to set it up: How to send the information to guests about online check-in?

2) Make sure that the online check-in option is enabled. Please see here how to set it up: How to enable online check-in?

3) Create a test booking in the system: How to create a simple booking

The booking needs to contain the real email address so that you can see if you received the message correctly.

4) Once the booking is added the system will send the email with the key to the email address you put in the reservation (in case it was scheduled to be automatic - Scheduling automatic emails) or you can also send it manually:

You can check the message which was sent in two places:

a) Directly in your mailbox

b) In the reservation History tab.

5) Click on the link which takes you to the online guest account:

6) The Manage Your Booking website will open. Put the last three characters of your booking ID and click on Search button.

7) Fill in all the requested fields. Click on Save Reservation and then click on Check-in.

Open the test reservation and to History tab. You should see two records:

a) Modification marked as Guest action:

b) And Online Check-in record:

The booking status is underlined after performing the Online Check-in:

Congratulations! The online check-in was set up and it's working correctly!