In FrontDesk Master all users can register their working time using Time Clock and it can be reviewed and verified in Timesheet. It can be very useful when you need a report of working hours of your staff members from in.e. last month.

In Staff Management / Staff Members you can set the hourly wage for each user, which will be summed up later in Timesheet.

To start register time, go to Time Clock which can be found under More:

The user can Clock In using the same password which uses to log in to FrontDesk Master. From the moment you click on Clock In button, the system will start to register your work time.

When you want to register the end of working time, open Time Clock again, enter your password and click on Clock Out button.

The summary can be checked in Timesheet, you can find it in Property Management / Staff Management / Timesheet. The table with all information can be exported to Excel.

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