Once booking is marked as No Show, the availability is restored and the booking is no more shown on BedView.

Also, you can make the system mark bookings as No Shows automatically. See Property Settings / Preferences.

In this case, the system will mark all not checked-in bookings as No Show at the date change.

Important note: 

If you synchronize with Booking.com, you can mark bookings as No Show in FrontDesk Master and the system will send this information directly to Booking.com. The booking will then be marked as No Show directly in your booking.com Extranet. You don't have to perform any manual action on your Extranet. Since Booking.com receives this information directly from FrontDesk Master, you will not be charged the commission for No Shows bookings.

However, if you mark as No Show directly in Extranet, then the booking will be marked as cancelled in FrontDesk Master automatically.