1. How to create a profile on Hostel Hop channel?

Contact details: info@hostelhop.io or by phone at +1 (407) 325-5080

2. What restrictions are supported in Hostel Hop connection?

* Minimum stay

* Maximum stay

* Close rate

3.. How to enable the XML connection with FrontDesk Master?

a) Login to your back office: https://admin.hostelhop.io/#/login


c) Choose FrontDesk Master as you channel manager and save the changes. Then copy the API key and hostel ID.

d) In the system go to MANAGER / CHANNEL MANAGER and activate Hotel Hop plugin. Enter the API KEY and the ID in the corrsponding fields and click NEXT.

e) Map the rooms and click NEXT.

f) Map the rates, choose the currency and click SAVE.

Make sure to choose the correct currency. It is very important. It should be the same as your Hostel Hop currency.

Make sure the plugin has green color. It means it is active. You can close the channel manager window.

Go to your back office and make sure that the prices and the availability are correct for each room type and rate.