To get your Online Check-in feature up and running, go to Property Settings / Online Check-in and Settings to get your link. 

General Settings

- Enable online check-in - activates the option to make check-in online X days before the check-in date

- Enable online payments and make payment required during online check-in

- Enable pre-checkin codes (see here what are pre-checkin codes and how to use them)

- Decide how city tax should be displayed and paid (at the reception or during online check-in)

Guest Details

Decide, which guest details are required to make Online Check-in. 

Active - the filed will be available but not required

Inactive - the field won't be visible during check-in

Required - the field will be required

Terms & Conditions

In Online Check-in / Terms & Conditions you can choose which template will be displayed during Online Check-in as Terms & Conditions that the guest needs to accept. 

You can also create custom checkboxes that the guest needs to accept to make the check-in.

Additionally, you can adjust the text in the online check-in view, title and description.

Look & Feel

In this part, you can customize the Online Check-in experience by changing the accent color. Use Google hex color picker to select a color of your preference.

Additionally, you can adjust the messages displayed to guests after a successful online check-in. These messages can vary depending on whether the online check-in occurs before the arrival day or on the arrival day.

Share the link

Once your Online Check-in is ready, you can add it to your website or send in the confirmation email. 

To update the Online Check-in link in the confirmation email, go to Emails & Printouts and open the selected template. Click on the element with the old link and edit the link to the new one. Save the changes and that's it!