FrontDesk Master payment gateway integration offers a cost-effective solution for online payments made in FrontDesk Master, Booking Engine and Online Check-in. Check the below transaction fees.

The fees listed above apply to VISA, MAESTRO and MASTERCARD standard card payments. However, it's crucial to note that fees can fluctuate due to varying conditions set by banks or card providers.

Key considerations impacting fees include:

Card Type: Standard VISA, MasterCard, or Maestro cards typically incur standard fees.

Card Category: Premium or commercial cards may carry higher transaction fees.

Credit vs Debit: Credit card transactions generally entail slightly higher fees compared to debit cards.

Geographic Origin: Transactions initiated within the European Economic Area (EEA) with domestically issued cards generally attract lower fees.

Specific Platforms: Transactions involving virtual cards tend to incur higher fees as they are classified as commercial cards.


Perfect condition for lower fees are:

- Standard Visa, MasterCard or Maestro cards

- Payment made within the card's country of issue

- Domestic payments

- Standard user behavior during the payment process

- No payment risk

For alternative payment methods, additional charges will include the card issuer and bank fees (as per the specific payment method outlined below), along with a 0.53% processing fee and a transaction fee of 0.1 GBP.

Payment methodPayment method fee Total fees

American Express (AMEX)

4.48% + 0.1 GBP
4.48% + 0.1 GBP
4.48% + 0.1 GBP
4.27% + 0.1 GBP
3%3.53% + 0.1 GBP

Check fees for other payment methods here.