Thanks to Payment Processing, you can schedule online payments to be done automatically! You can use this option in many different ways, for example:

- charge non-refundable bookings automatically 

- charge cancellation fees automatically

- pre-authorize credit card when bookings are made

- pre-authorize bookings when they are made and capture pre-authorization automatically X days before arrival

and much more!

To create online payment automation, go to Property Settings and Payment Processing.

There you can add your payment processing rules.

First, define your payment processing rules.

1) Add name

2) Select to which rates the rule should be applied

3) Decide on which account the payments should be saved

4) Select booking methods and reservation status for which the rule should be applied

5) You can exclude selected countries from payment processing.

> For example, I create a rule which will charge bookings made for Non Refundable rate on OTAs when they have New status.

Next, set up the action. There are two main options:

- Pre-authorize booking balance due

- Charge booking balance due

Enable selected option (you can enable both, to first pre-authorize, and later charge the cc).

1) First, decide when the automatic payment should be made, e.g., when the booking is made, or 3 days before the arrival.

2) Add next steps in case of successful payment - you can send a confirmation email to the guest and receive notification, or change the reservation status to Confirmed automatically.

3) In case of failed payments, you can receive notification and send selected email to the guest, mark the guest's cc as invalid, repeat the payment X times every day and cancel the booking if the final attempt wasn't successful. 

> In this case, we created an automation for New Non Refundable bookings from OTAs. The automation will try to priocess payment 7 days before the guest's arrival. In case of failed payment, it will try to charge the card 3 more times and cancel reservation after the last unsuccesful try. 

Save your automation and observe how it works.