Before you print a guest registration form, you will need to set it up. In FrontDesk Master there is already a default registration card template that can be edited by the user. In order to find it you have to go to Manager / Emails & Printouts:

In order to edit this template click on EDIT TEMPLATE button:

You can use ALL AVAILABLE KEYS to extract the information from the reservation or from the system.

You can also create your own template, however in this case you need to make sure that in the Scheduling section the option "Use template as printout" is checked.

If you need to generate the for per guest and do it on separate pages for each guest, you need to check these options in the scheduling section:

There is also one more option called "auto-generate serial number". This option is connected to the key {GuestSerialNumber}.

How does it work? If you set up the field value to 0 and you generate a form for two guests with the mentioned key inside, the serial number will be 1 and 2 respectively for these guests.

Once you click on PRINT button, the system will save that the last number was 2 and will generate the next document with serial number 3.