At the moment FrontDesk Master is integrated with the following payment gateways:

1. Stripe (Worldwide)

2. Webpay (for Chile)

In order to enable the online payments on the guest account, first, you need to activate Stripe in the system Please go to Property Settings / Integrations and choose Stripe or WebPay.


a) In the case of Stripe you need to enter your secret and public key. You can get them from the API section on your Stripe account.

b) If you want to enable the integration with WebPay please first contact us at

Below the mentioned details, you will see additional options.

1) The first option allows you to decide which account you want the system to register the online charges on.

2 and 3) The second option allows you to decide if you want the system to generate the invoice immediately when the payment is taken and what kind of invoice you want to generate.

4) This option is obligatory. It is very important! Make sure to click on CREATE WEBOOK!

5. If you have a special account for Stripe and you do not want to register there any other payments, you can hide it in the regular payment window by checking this box.

How to enable it on the online guest account?

In order to enable online payments for Online check-in guest account got o Property Settings / Online Check-in / Setting, click on Enable button and choose the option you are interested in.

If there is a balance due and the guests access the online guest account, the system will show the PAY BALANCE button.

After clicking on the button, a Stripe payment window will appear.

Once the payment is processed, the transaction will appear in the reservation.

Please note that in the case of online check-in partial payments are not allowed. The total balance due will be charged.