There is a very important thing which needs to be understood in case of Portuguese guests, FACT connection and the tax numer. The tax number is not obligatory, however the guest can ask for it to appear on the invoice.

In case of FACT connection we need to understand the following points:

1) If you take payment without tax number, FACT creates the guest profile. The fact that we did not put any tax number makes that this guest will be only recognized by its name and we won't be able to add the tax number later. In this case instead of the number we will see the consumidor final:

2) If the same guest comes again and the system use the same existing guest details, even if we add the tax number, Fact won't update it as they don't allow to do it. In such case we need to put the guest name in company field, put the tax and try again:

This will make that the tax number will appear on the invoice:

3) If you take payment with tax since the beginning, then the guest profile will be recognized by the tax number, not by the name and you will be able to edit the guest name and address.

Please note that the tax number is verified while taking payment. If you put an incorrect tax number, the payment will be rejected by FACT.