Look & Feel section will allow you to set up some extra option for your booking engine. Go to Property Settings / Booking Engine / Look & Feel:

1) Accent color You can choose the accent color for your booking engine.

In case you need more color codes you can find them HERE.

2) TripAdvisor rating widget

a) Log-in to your TA account, go to your property’s website.

b) Go to “Marketing Tools / Website Widgets”

c) Select this widget (due to the BE design other widgets may not be shown properly)

d) Adjust settings and copy this code:

e) Go to Property Settings / Booking Engine / Look & Feel

f) Click “Upload” and paste code to the pop-up:

3) Google Maps

Go to Google Maps and find your property. Click “Share” button:

Choose “Embed a map” and copy HTML:

Go to Property Settings / Booking Engine / Look & Feel and click “Upload” and paste code to the pop-up:

4) Show price as promotion - The new Booking Engine allows you to show your potential guests that you have lowered your prices.

To do it you must go to Property Settings / Booking Engine / Look & Feel and put proper number in this field:

Prices used on BE still will be the same as the ones you have in Availability & Rate manager, but on BE system will show the “Old Price” which will be X% bigger than the current one (where X is equal to number which you have entered):

5) Promotions applied info - You can add information about applied promos shown on Booking Engine. In the current BE version it is shown to all guests, no matter what rooms or rates they select.

You can put max 32 characters in each line.

6) Additional text in the booking summary - You can use this function to show your guests some additional info e.g. about City Tax and things they should be aware when they visit your city.

Max characters: 32 (text), 50 (pop-up).