In order to put the property description and photos which you want to show on the booking engine, go to Property Settings / Booking Engine / Property Description.

You can add max. 5 photos per property and a description with max. 200 characters in many languages.

The secription field son the left side allows you tu put the text for the specific language and the field on the right side you can use it a reference while translating the text to other languages.

On the second booking step the guest will see the property information section. The first photo will appear as the main one.

If he clicks on Info or Photos, an extra pop up with appear with more information.

You can also add infomration about available facilities. Click on Select button:

Put the text and check the boxes you want to show:

Don't forget to save the changes!

The facilities will appear below the property description:

In order to see how to add the Google map link go to the point 3 in THIS ARTICLE.