Shift audit report shows the summary of closed shifts.

Here you can see how to set up and use the shift switch option: Shift Switch

You can choose the date and the shift you are interested in.

The report can be exported to PDF of CSV format.

En the first part of the report we can see a table which resums the starting balanace for each account and currency, the incoming and outgoing money during the shift and the ending balance according to the transactions registered in the system.

If there was any discrepnacy entered, automatic transwer or withdrawal done, they will also appear here.

The next section shows all the transactions made during the shift in each currency. In there is any transaction which appears in red color, it means that this transaction was edited after the shift was closed.

Then you will see the check-ins, check-out and new reservations from the shift.

If you count any items during the shift switch, they will appear in the next secion.

And at the end you will see the list of all item sales which were performed during the shift in each currency.