The production matrix report shows the number of bookings / bednights / beds / revenue / occupancy for specific arrival dates on the same day or X days/weeks before.

After opening the report you will see different filters and options:

From / to datesĀ - choose the arrival dates you want to see the results for.

You cen decide if you want to see the results per day/week or a mixed result.

In case of choosing per day or per week filter it's necessary to put how many days/weeks before you are interested in.

Then you need to choose if the results in the tables should show the number of beds/bednights/bookings/revenue or occupancy.

In case of number of beds or bednights you can decide if you want the private rooms to be counted as 100% occupied.

In case of occupancy option, you can decide if you want the blocked beds to be removed from available beds.

Below the filters you will see two tables:


The cumulative production table shows the results in a following way:

If we choose week filter then the result won't show days, but weeks before.

In case of choosing Mix option the system will show the days in a following way:


Net additive production table shows the difference between the results from the cumulative production table.